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Caroline ferguson

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certified impact creator

Entrepreneurship is a funny thing. Being an "entrepreneur" means constantly changing and evolving.  THAT journey is worth documenting and talking about. Being intentional about telling your story and reflecting on your journey is valuable and should be taken seriously. This space is to do just that. Maybe you know Caroline personally, maybe you don't.

It doesn't matter.

This is her journey.  And maybe, just maybe- it'll bring you value.

So who is Caroline?

You'll figure it out soon enough.


Zapp Technologies

CoWork Create

Grateful & Company

Atlas Utility Billing

Atlas Payment Portal

Atlas Trash Services

Atlas Digital Marketing Management

  • Daughter of God

  • Official Dog Mom

  • Rug Hoarder

  • Target Shopping Addict

  • Graduate from the #1 Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program in the USA: the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

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