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Stop. Complaining.

Today was nuts.

Launching a startup within a developed company is not easy. It’s like business inception. A company within a company. A brand within a brand.

It’s like having a kid when you already have one....but no one cares about this kid yet. No one probably even knows you’re having another kid yet. But you are and you have to prepare and get ready while simultaneously taking care of your already VERY MUCH ALIVE child.

Don’t forget to feed your kids y’all. Not a good idea.

Point is, building a new business within an already existing one doesn’t make the process any easier. Now imagine building TWO at once!

Your current customers are used to a certain level of service and quality and are not going to offer much grace to the “startup nature” of your new product/service. Oh didn’t think that small detail was a big deal? Well Becky on line 7 that has been doing business with your company for 4 years thought it was a big deal and doesn’t understand how you could’ve possibly overlooked it. It’s almost like having a jury in the court room during your trial/product launch that you didn’t necessarily ask for. They’re there. They’re not leaving. Because guess WHAT? If this start up fails- they’re still expecting you to deliver on the ORIGINAL product from the ORIGINAL business.

Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted.

The reality of a startup within an already existing business is that you become a juggler if you’re not one already Very. Very. Quickly. Got a developer call? How about three current clients that need something too- oh don’t forget you also have two prospects with pending proposals that you need to follow up on. And that deadline you thought you would make? Guess what- your vendor/supplier support is throwing you a curveball.

I think my point is (and this is going to pivot here pretty abruptly so I apologize in advance)...

Knock knock

“Who’s there?”


Do me a favor and be quiet.

I get so frustrated at people who think that their chaos and stress is a product of anything other than their decisions. Wherever you are in life, whatever your “now” looks like- a combination of your actions has led you here. To THIS moment.

If you aren’t ok with the craziness- do something about it. Otherwise be proud of it. Own it and flaunt it.

#onelife #stopcomplaining #entrepreneurship

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