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Why I'm using literally everything as content.

There is something really special about story telling.

Particularly special, in my opinion, is what happens when story telling happens consistently over time. Once you get far enough along, you can begin to look back and see a couple things that I would consider key pieces of data:

  1. How far you've come with your quality of execution

  2. What you historically gave value

  3. What people care about and are willing to engage with

  4. Your growth

Arguably, the most important thing on this list is growth. I'm a big fan of leaving a legacy.

When I was a little girl, it occurred to me after losing my father that what you and I choose to do here on earth creates a LASTING impact. And that even though our flesh passes on and we get to party it up with Jesus in Heaven, the choices we make here on earth have profound influence on those left behind.

I'm going to say that again for my people in the back-

The choices YOU make will leave a lasting impact on this world and the influence of your decisions will continue to impact those that live beyond you.

So what does any of that have to do with this particular blog post?

One of the ways I am choosing to contribute to the legacy I'm leaving is to take documenting impactful things seriously. For the marketers reading this- I'm talking content friends. Yes, content.

Is it crazy to think that one day when I'm old and have gray hair that one of my grandchildren could be looking for encouragement during a professionally dry season and they come across a video from their grandmother about working hard?

Is it wild to imagine great grandchildren searching the internet for startup inspiration, videos about how to use social media, information on how to approach leadership as a woman or a literally anything about how their family contributed to the world that they now live in?

Is it selfish to say that I'd like to show up for them digitally regardless of being physically here?

My father passed away 14 years ago. During that time, if I counted up all the times I looked online, googled, bing-ed, yahoo-ed, searched for literally ANY mention of him, the list would be pages and pages and pages and pages long.

Leaving a legacy is important. Our legacy and impact continues LONG after we've left this earth.

(Note to self, maybe not a cup of coffee right before trying to wind down for the evening?) Thanks for reading friends! Cheers to living with our legacies in mind.

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