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Serial Entrepreneurship

Listen up.

This is my story for today. I feel like it’s important to note that because today was once yesterday and will become tomorrow very quickly. This is my story for the current, present, the now.

Being an entrepreneur is like a friggin roller coaster. One minute you’re brainstorming new products and services and the next minute you’re having a full on panic attack at 2 am worrying about whether or not you hit send on the email you HAD to send to make sure that your next 48 hours flowed the way they needed to. I’m telling you- it’s nuts. What’s even crazier is being a serial entrepreneur. Now it’s not just ONE startup or ONE gig. It’s constant gigs. It’s one gig after the other- because at some point you told yourself, “I love this!”

If you’re an entrepreneur I want to ask you something. Remember that moment? Remember when you decided that you would identify as an “entrepreneur”-rather, THE “entrepreneur”?

I remember when I decided I was going to start referring to myself as such. I remember initially not feeling worthy of that label (or whatever the heck you want to call it). I have never had any intention of building the next revolutionary app or major tech invention. I knew I was not going down the path of venture capital and multiple rounds of seed funding. That just wasn’t who I was.

But still- I decided at some point, that becoming, being, calling myself (seriously whatever floats your boat) an entrepreneur was for me.

During super chaotic moments of new product launch, branding sessions, developer meetings, and missed deadlines- it’s SO easy to forget what led me here. Why oh why would any normal person enjoy the ridiculousness of risk and failure and problem solving and failed attempts and the unknown?? Why is this something that I decided I loved?

There is something so powerful about these statements:

“I’ll take care of it.”

“I’ve got a solution for that.”

“That’s why I built it this way.”

“When I built this...”

“As my team and I were developing this...”

And there is something even more powerful about being able to DELIVER. VALUE.

Ya know I’m not sure I know at this point why I decided that entrepreneurship was for me. I really can’t create a simple explanation for it. All I know is I’m obsessed with creation. I’m overly excited about building “new”-whatever “new” is for the day. I’m stupid passionate about figuring it out and learning and making people sleep easier. I’m just all about it. Throw in a great fondness of creating impact and developing products, processes and services and that’s me.

And maybe that’s entrepreneurship too.

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