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3 Reasons why I launched 10 ad campaigns on Facebook for Southwest Utility Solutions at once.

3 Reasons why I launched 10 ad campaigns on Facebook for Southwest Utility Solutions at once.

Marketing is such a funny thing. We covet how we gain our customers but the reality is that if we shared our process to customer acquisition- we’d all be better for it.

That’s what I want to do. So here are 3 of the main reasons on why I launched 10 ad campaigns on Facebook at once:

1. B2B doesn’t eliminate the human you’re selling to.

Having dabbled in both types of businesses- B2B as well as B2C- I think one of the most common misunderstandings is that B2B means that the entire strategy for how we craft and deliver our brand’s stories has to shift. Who are we selling to with B2C models? Humans. Who are the decision makers when we’re closing B2B sales? Humans. We have to go where ATTENTION is. If you market directly to the B in B2B and forget about the C…who exactly is resonating with and retaining your brand? Last time I checked, concrete buildings don’t scroll through social media. Regardless of whether or not we’re B2B or B2C- we have to remember where the attention is. Decision makers BREATHE! So go where they are. One of the main reasons I launched 10 ad campaigns on Facebook at once was because my decision makers enjoy scrolling through their newsfeeds at the end (or during) of their long day!

2. Community community community

One of my favorite components of Facebook ad creation is the targeting element. Being able to target a group of people specifically is ridiculously powerful. Facebook makes targeting people based on what they’re into super easy. AND if you can only come up with a few topics as far as what you would classify their interests as- Facebook literally will suggest based on what you’ve typed who else they think would be a good fit to target. Targeting different groups with 10 different ad campaigns at once on Facebook is easy when I’m able to target specifically who I want!

3. Specific location marketing

Ever seen an ad somewhere and thought- “I literally just said I needed to pick up toilet paper after work today and now Facebook is pushing toilet paper ad content on my newsfeed.”? They’re not creeping on you- there are just some really really efficient marketing people working behind the scenes. Targeted ads that are unique to where we are are just as powerful. Your solution may be the same for someone 10 feet away from you as it might be for someone 1000 miles away- but instead of a blanketed one size fits all approach, targeting specific regions creates a more personal experience and increases the likelihood of someone interacting with your content. Again, 10 ad campaigns at once on Facebook is a million times easier because of how easy it is to target people based on location and region.

Regardless of how general or consistent your product may be that you’re selling- let’s face it. We’d rather be catered to and engaged with based on something unique to us and our needs. Treating our marketing strategy like this is instrumental to the success of the messages that we craft and choose to share with the world. Launching 10 ad campaigns at once is easy when your platform caters to this same notion!

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