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Covid-19, Christ, Culture and Claustrophobia

Hey y'all. How we doing? Everyone ok?

Man oh man is this a crazy season of life. And boy oh boy does our Lord have a funny way of getting our attention.

My opinion towards what the world is going through is definitely unpopular. But I believe in everyone having an opportunity to share- so for what it's worth, here are my thoughts.

We worship a jealous God.

We give our praise to a God that demands our attention, devotion, respect, faith and adoration.

And when we begin to put our trust, our stability, our security into things other than God- isn't it funny how quickly He reminds us that anything outside of Him is quickly fleeting? Our careers, our schools, our communities...our health?

All I have to say about this is that I truly believe that while the world is very VERY much in a state of chaos and panic- God is on the move. In fact, I know for a FACT that God is on the move.

He is demanding our attention and our devotion.

For me and my household at least, quarantine has become a time of reflection. Our God is not bound by the walls of a sanctuary. Our God dwells in the hearts of His people. We are the church. And if we're home, then so is church. And honestly y'all. It's been a really beautiful thing. Unpopular opinion? Yep I am well aware.

Does it change my faith and what I believe to be true of the nature of my God?


Let's talk about what else may be going on at home right now.

If you're like me (which truly I pray you're much stronger mentally) then you're innately giving yourself an endless list of to do's, an ongoing "goal" list...maybe even a Quarantine Bucket List? (I've got 2).

Navigating balance, especially as an entrepreneur who may be mapping out a desperate pivot that has to happen to save your business, or as an over achieving sales manager who feeds their family from the outcome of a quota met month over month...navigating balance when home, meetings, conference calls, team meetings, worship and rest are all happening in the same is HARD.

It's been tricky for me as well.

1/2 of our business is no longer needed during this time at Southwest Utility Solutions- water conservation means exposure to people inside of the apartment units they live in and that's not worth it for either party during a time like this.

We launched a new business 45 days ago and now it feels wrong to actively sell our product and market our company.

We had big goals for growth and success this year...HUGE objectives and things we wanted to achieve. And what seems like overnight...everything shifted.

Half of my team was furloughed.

The startup is truly on hold.

The quota isn't going to be met.

I'm not sure if expanding our team is possible this year now.

Am I still valuable?

Can I still grow our company?

What if no one buys?

What if I sell NOTHING?

What if I'm not needed?

What about my family?

This season will bring in a level of head trash or mental toxicity rather that the enemy will label as "Proactive What If Planning"- but I am here to tell you that our God is NOT a God of chaos..of anxiety..of worry..of fear. Our God is NOT a God of worthlessness..NOT a God who identifies us because of what we do ON EARTH...NOT a God who measures our value based on a quota met or commission earned!

Even IF my business fails.

Even IF my role is not needed.

Even IF I don't meet a quota.

Even IF no one buys.

Even IF I can't go back to my office and serve my team physically.

Even IF I can't prove my worth by the standards of flesh during this season of life...

Even If.

Even. Freaking. If.

My God claims me. He assigns a value to my life that He thought was worth DYING FOR. He gives me a purpose that is grander than this season of turmoil. He loves me. He sees me.

But I get it. I understand the anxiety. I'm dealing with it myself. I empathize with the goal getter, the over achiever, the head hunter, the hungry hustler...I get it.

I relate so intimately to the claustrophobia of doing all of my life..planning all of my goals..working to meet all of them...inside the same walls of my home every day. Sometimes it feels like I'm suffocating inside of my own sanctuary. I get it. I truly understand.

And honestly I don't have anything to say that "fixes it", or will make it go away.

But I do have some advice and a quick recommendation.

You go find some people who love the Lord. You email or call me ( or 832-260-5181). And you say this:

Please pray for God to break the stronghold of anxiety, fear, and overwhelming stress and mental head trash in my heart and life. Please pray RIGHT NOW for God to break me from these chains.

Our God is not a God of anxiety and fear. Our God is a God of peace and love.

I know that more than I know whether or not you and I will see tomorrow.

Love y'all.

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