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I'm not asthmatic.

Launching a startup is no joke. 

Let me give you a run down of the past 48 hours. 

And for some perspective- I’ve got 4 other parties/products my team and I are using to get this thing off the ground in 48 hours. 

Party #1 has decided to become unresponsive. 

Party #2’s expected “up and ready to operate” deadline isn’t going to happen 

Finally finished coding the bulk of the front end user experience today with developer 

Confirmed the temporary login credential creation and change process with developer

Built automated SMS notification system

Built and initiated email campaign for front end user experience

Coded test API for end-deposit account information and will live test deposits and account creation tomorrow

Finalized Debit Card and Credit Card processing solution

Finalized ACH processing solution 

Troubleshooting money order processing and building 30 day work around 

On a personal level- this week has been even crazier. 

I have sinutis. That’s medical lingo for I’m dying and that I have absolutely NO voice. None. Zero. Gone.  My car got broken into last night and my key card for entry to my office parking lot was stolen. Like seriously?! That’s IT!!? Attended my sister’s graduation ceremony Attending my brother in laws graduation ceremony tomorrow Budgeting and planning for the move into my new home (t minus 47 days) Finishing up another big custom company Grateful & Company shirt order Life is super SUPER fun right now. But like it’s awesome ya know? I’m loving it. 

Oh by the way-in reference to the professional chaos- my team and I are building an in house online payment portal platform if you haven’t guessed already. Not only is this stretching every piece of my brain in ways I didn’t think possible- but it’s also inspiring the crap out of me. 


Because I didn’t think I was capable of learning how to do this or of working with a team to actually bring it to life. Let alone creating it- I had no idea balancing this much LIFE and startup chaos was possible. 

It’s invigorating. And what’s crazier is that it’s not like this startup launches in 48 hours and we will THEN begin to sell it. No no no that would be too easy! In 48 hours we’ve got 400 units ready to GO! So like there’s no room for error here. We HAVE to launch. 

Two important things to note here. 

1. Normal life doesn’t slow down. Expect curveballs. 

2. Professional and creative chaos can affect your heath. Be aware. 

I normally never go to the doctor. Like ever. Unless I’m straight up dying- I rarely go. I realize this is a HUGE flaw of mine, but I’m being honest. 

This weekend was one of those “I’m dying” moments. Y’all sinus pressure in your head and face is no joke. After going to the doctor I had to jump on a developer conference call.

Everyone on the call said good morning and hello and then it was my turn. Y’all- NOTHING came out. Zero voice. Zilch. I had to type my way through chat during the two hour call that followed. 

My boss and now partner-ish (I guess that’s what we’re called since I own part of the company?) texted me something really important during the conference call.  He basically sent me a message saying startups do wear you down. Like it happens and it’s normal- and he would know! He’s no stranger to startups having successfully launched and run multiple (this is why he’s my boss- because working for someone who lives and breathes this life is 100% worth it). 

My point here is that sometimes it’s hard to slow down, but like we have to. Sometimes it’s honestly the most inconvenient thing in the world, but you have to take a minute and breathe (and y’all that has been a STRUGGLE recently). And sometimes your voice does the slowing down for you. Sometimes it’s ok to be quiet and to slow down. 

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